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Estate Planning, Elder Law, Asset Protection Planning

Truesdell Law

Kellean Kai Truesdell, J.D., LL.M. is a licensed and practicing attorney in the State of Florida since 1992 (Florida Bar), with an advanced degree in Estate Planning (LL.M), from the University of Miami School of Law.

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Registered Investment Advisor

Truesdell Wealth

A real alternative to the conflicts of interest, opaque costs, and unexpected fees. Fix your bleeding portfolio today at a simple, fair, and transparent fixed cost.

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Insurance Agency

Truesdell Insurance

Life Insurance and Disability Insurance is all we do at LiDi Today. We are professional, efficient, and effective. Death and disability are facts of life. We will all die one day, some sooner than others. Most of us will experience a disability before death that will stop our ability to earn an income.

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Business Consulting

Truesdell Consulting

Highly effective business advice, private equity guidance, franchise selection and management and more.

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Design, Engineering, and UX

Mongoose Interactive

Full-stack mobile, website, and web application development.

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Podcasting Platform


Your one-stop podcasting platform. Whether you're an aspiring podcaster or a seasoned pro, Dispatch provides an unparalleled experience and feature set.

The Truesdell Professional Building


The Truesdell Professional Building is located in Ocala, Florida, right in the heart of America's horse capital.

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